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                                                                       FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions:

How much stage / floor space does your band need?
Swiftkick prefers a stage size of 12' x 16', with 8' x 16' being about the minimum area required.   Although we can play on ground-floor level, stages
are preferred and provide    a more professional and dramatic setting for your guests.  Many facilities own and provide stages for little or no charge
upon request.

How many sets does the band generally play, and how long are the breaks?
Swiftkick typically plays 2 to 3 sets of music with approximate 15-20 minute breaks between each set.   The length of each set is flexible, but on
average is approximately 45 minutes.   Sets can be shortened to allow for special announcements, toasts, etc., or may go longer while the dance
floor is hot and going strong.

Will your band learn songs we request for our event?
Swiftkick will make a good-faith effort to learn up to 2 songs for your event at no additional charge, provided we have at least a few weeks advance
notice.   However, due to many variables in learning and performing new material not chosen by the band,  Swiftkick reserves the right, at the bands
option, to play the original recording(s) over the PA system if the band feels the original recorded rendition of the song(s) would  better serve the
purpose for which it is being played.

What will the band wear at my event?
Swiftkick has found that most of our clients prefer one of 2 choices for their formal event:

* Semi-formal attire - Dress shirts & slacks, dress shoes, but not necessarily ties or  jackets.  Color scheme is generally kept to black, white & gray.
* Formal attire - Black blazers, black neckties, dress shirts, black slacks & dress shoes.

Our event features a sit-down dinner. What is customary for the band during this time?
Most of our clients realize that we left our homes several hours earlier, have moved alot of equipment, and could definitly use a solid meal for the
hours of performance which lies ahead of a matter of fact, we're usually amongst the first people to arrive and the  last people to leave the
facility at the end of the night.   Some facilties may suggest a special menu and eating area for the band, while other clients will arrange for an
additional table for the the same room as their guests.  The latter is actually preferred by the band as it allows us to better track, monitor and
assist in the evenings events such as toasts, prayers, speeches, background music, etc. that often require our assistance with the PA system.  We
are very willing to  be placed in a removed room, but please be aware of the fact that it may become difficult for us to monitor or assist with the above
mentioned items, and may therefore require someone to notify us when the band is needed.
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