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Jason Irvine
Doug Scott
Thom Blasberg
Dan Orejuela
Meet The Band
Originally from Ocean City, New Jersey, Thom began playing guitar at
age 14 and played throughout his college years at James Madison
University (Go Dukes!).   Other instruments include keyboards &
harmonica, although guitar & vocals are his focus.   A huge fan of Bon
Jovi, Thom was also influenced by Springsteen, John Mellencamp and
a ton of other classic rock bands from the 80's.   As the original
founding member of Swiftkick, his unique vocal style and edgy guitar
licks are a signature part of the Swiftkick sound.  Thom is also available
as an
acoustic performer (click to Enter) and has played at many
venues, wineries, wedding cocktail hours, etc.as a solo artist.
not performing, Thom is also a
Realtor in the Daytona Beach area.

To endure the physical requirements of hauling musical equipment &
performing a live stage show,  Thom follows a rigorous exercise routine:
Each morning when he awakes, he gets up & runs around the block 10
times.  When he's done, he pushes the block back under the bed, &
goes back to sleep.   After the snooze alarm sounds for the 10th time,
his rigourous sit-up program begins:  he sits up out of bed, & then
completes the repetition at the end of the day as he reclines back onto
his pillow.  To further keep off the pounds, Thom sticks to a strict liquid
diet of beer & wine.   The rock & roll lifestyle isn't  as easy as it
appears.  UPDATE:  Just improved above exercise program by putting
a treadmill in front of the fridge....now have to walk across it to get a
Doug was about 8 years old when, like many future
drummers, he found his mother's pots and pans and
realized that along with  those and a pair of
chopsticks and a box, he could create quite a
rapturous clamor!  During high school, real drums
finally entered the picture and Doug formed his first
band, Vandetta, in high school with three other

After college, Doug played in several DC area
bands, finally landing in Swiftkick.  He looks at
percussion as not just providing the  necessary
"backing beat," but as a strategic instrument to add
to the overall feel and sound of songs.  (That may
explain the armada of cymbals usually employed!)  
His main influences are Roger Taylor (Queen), Rick
Allen (Def Leppard), Nicko Mcbrain (Iron
Maiden), and Alex Van Halen.  His influences are
obvious in his dramatic drum endings which bring
strong, solid closes to Swiftkicks rock 'n' roll cover

When not pounding the skins, Doug enjoys
spending time with his wife and two daughters.,  
Jason was 12 years old when he received his first bass guitar as a gift.  
Well let's clarify, he got his first guitar when he was about 5 years old and
there are some pictures still floating around of him playing. However...they
are much like the embarrassing (naked) bathtub shots your mom brings
out to show your first girlfriend.

Originally, Jason is from a small town in South Western Virginia that lies in
the shadows of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  He has lived in Northern
Virginia for the past 10 years.  Jason's musical influences range from a
wide variety of artists such as Def Lepard, G&R, Skid Row to Hank
Williams, Merle Haggard, and Willie Nelson.

In addition to playing in Swiftkick, Jason can be found most Sunday
mornings playing bass in a community church band.  When he's not
playing music, Jason loves spending every moment with his family - hiking,
fishing, hunting, or just chilling out watching a game.
Growing up, Dan always loved music.  As a kid he was into
Cream, Chicago, and many other types of bands and musical
genres but mainly rock.  Then when he was a teen he heard
the song "Green Grass and High Tides" from a band called
the Outlaws (Kind of like a Freebird thing).  That was it!!!  
He had to learn how to do that!!!  After he got his first
guitar.. a 1963 Fender Stratocaster.... Dan took lessons for
awhile ("Don't tell mom, but I would even skip school at
times just to go play the guitar" says Dan). Since then and
over the years he has played in many bands and feels that
even though he's an electrical engineer, a part of him is a
complete artist.

Dan also made a CD of all original music with a band called
"Ian Travis".... so the studio was also a great experience as
well as playing live. The main importance to Dan in playing
however,  is the overall sound of the band creating a great
vibe (Creating those goose bump moments).  Also, he loves
to have an audience that really gets into the music and in that
sense becomes a fifth band member.  "All of us living in the
moment!"  ; )
Optional Keyboards and/or Female Vocals