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Meet The Band
Originally from Ocean City, New Jersey, Thom began playing guitar at
age 14 and played throughout his college years at James Madison
University (Go Dukes!).   Other instruments include keyboards &
harmonica, although guitar & vocals are his focus.   A huge fan of Bon
Jovi, Thom was also influenced by Springsteen, John Mellencamp and
a ton of other classic rock bands from the 80's.   As the original
founding member of Swiftkick, his unique vocal style and edgy guitar
licks are a signature part of the Swiftkick sound.  When not performing
with the band, Thom is also available as an
acoustic performer (click to
Enter), as well as an acoustic duo act with Julie Ann Sgroi (Blasberg &

To endure the physical requirements of hauling musical equipment and
performing a live stage show,  Thom follows a rigorous exercise routine:
Each morning when he awakes, he gets up and runs around the block
10 times.  When he's done, he pushes the block back under the bed,
and goes back to sleep.   After the snooze alarm sounds for the 10th
time, his rigourous sit-up program begins:  he sits up out of bed, and
then completes the repetition at the end of the day as he reclines back
onto his pillow.  To further keep off the pounds, Thom sticks to a strict
liquid diet of beer and
Quattro Goomba Wine. (See David Gaetani
below).   The rock and roll lifestyle is obviously not as easy as it
David started his professional music career in New Jersey at the young
age of 16 playing fulltime with many different working bands including
Elysian Fields,  Brutus, Ivory, & the touring show band Harmony. During
these early years,  David's rig consisted of what is now considered vintage
keyboards - the Hammond  B3 Organ, Fender Rhodes Piano, Clavinet D6,
and Arp and Moog synthesizers. Some  of his early keyboard  influences  
were Progressive Rock artists such as Keith Emerson of ELP, Rick
Wakeman of Yes,  and Tony Banks of Genesis. Other bands that
influenced his playing style  included Supertramp, The Allman Brothers,
Steely Dan, Traffic, & Gino  Vannelli.   By the time he was 25, David was
co-writing original pop material for  the Richard Ivory Band while also
writing his own New Age original pieces.  Later, he spent many years in
the studio producing, collaborating, and recording  with other artists. With
over 30 + years experience as a keyboardist, David has  developed many
musical styles including Jazz, Rock, Country, and Blues.

David  now plays one of the most sought after high-end keyboards
available today, the  Yamaha Motif XS8 Synth. In addition to being an
accomplished musician, David is  adept at midi sequencing, digital audio
recording, digital sampling, &  patch/wave editing.  When not playing with
Swiftkick or working at Sprint as an I.T. professional, David is hard at work
at his winery,
Quattro Goomba's, where he is Chief Executive Officer &
"Kat" was discovered by Swiftkick in early 2008, shortly after the band
began their search for a new female singer.   After hearing of the bands
open position, Steve Pasquale (owner of the bands hometown club, South
Riding Inn) mentioned to the band that he knew of an awesome vocalist
who had been coming into his club on Thursday nights to sing karaoke.   
Two Swiftkick band members visited the club on an upcoming Thursday
and were immediatlely impressed with Kats vocals, personality, & stage
presence.   Conversations & auditions ensued, and it quickly became
obvious that Kat was a perfect fit for the band.  Within just a few weeks
time, Kat performed her first show with Swiftkick on February 16, 2008
Steve comes from a long line of musicians.  His mom was a part time night
club singer and his uncle's band was the house band for the Warner
Theater in Washington D.C during the swing era in the late 40s. His uncle
was one of Steve's biggest musical influences as a kid.  Steve's parents
made him take all kinds of music lessons, including piano and classical
guitar.  Later he played in his high school orchestra... but it wasn't until
after a stint in the military that he decided to really dive heavily into music.
Anyone who knows Steve can tell you that he will never stop!  Steve
provides the solid driving bottom end in Swiftkick and adds the backing
vocals on many songs.  He also plays his acoustic guitar  on the side and
can often be found playing his solo act at the Quattro Goomba Winery on
various weekends.