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Thom Blasberg

Thom has been playing guitar since the age of 14 and continued playing guitar through his college years at
James Madision University in Harrisonburg, VA.   Thom is the founder, lead guitarist and vocalist of the band
Swiftkick, a highly rated cover band which has been actively performing in the DC Metro area since 2002.

In the fall of 2009, Thom's bandmate, David Gaetani, encouraged him to perform solo at the Quattro
Goomba Winery.    Thom invested in a new acoustic guitar, as well as a few new harmonicas, and got to
work.  Shortly after ramping up his  reportoire  for a few acoustic solo  performances, Thom was introduced
to Julie Ann Sgroi at a party.   After listening to an impressive audio clip of Julie Ann online, Thom and Julie
Ann further discussed the idea of forming a duo.....and in November of 2009, they gave their first
performance which was extremely well-received and provided the motivation to move foreward with the
Julie Ann Sgroi

Julie Ann has been singing since her early childhood years and has an incredible and angelic voice which
is stunning, particularly when heard live. During Julie Ann's first year of college at the University of Virginia,
she was invited to join the Virginia Sil'hooettes, a highly selective award-winning all-female a cappella
group.  For the next four years, Julie Ann was afforded many musical opportunities through the
Sil'hooettes, including performing for many University events and other colleges throughout the East
Coast, sold-out concerts, and competitions, as well as several recording projects.

Julie Ann has also sung professionally with her fathers band and with his acoustic act, and was also sought
out to professionally record her vocals for the Shanghai Restoration Project which can now be found all
over the internet.  Julie Ann's additional talent and gift for harmonies provide this duo with a very full and
complementing sound.